Hi Matt, long term review. While I don’t have data to prove any of those claims, there are plenty of tour pros and thousands of skilled amateur players who swear by it, myself included. More Buying Choices $144.82 (3 new offers) Golf Pride MCC New Decade MultiCompound Golf Grip. Consider the PDS to see if this product is right for you. The Multi Compound MCC Plus 4 has a 4.6% Larger outside grip diameter for increased swing speed and lighter grip pressure. Golf Pride New 2018 MCC Plus 4 Jumbo Grip Gray, KIT or Set (You Choose) by Grips4less. Köp till grepp tape! This difference is immediately noticeable, even to those who aren’t equipment fanatics. Nedre delen är grövre för att ge ett lättare grepptryck för ökad kraft i slaget. Favorite. One final point for the swing weight obsessed: the midsize version of the MCC Plus 4 is substantially heavier (66 grams) than the standard (52 grams). Level 1 M37-M41 - Rows A-K (with restricted views) M42 - Rows A-LL M43-M49. New Decade MCC Plus4 Midsize Grip #1 Hybrid Grip on Tour. … Details about 13 pc Golf Pride MCC Plus 4 Golf Grips Green Standard 60R Round 13 Grips Set. I use the Plus 4 grips on my wedges as they are nicer for chip shots, etc. 1 more update… All that said, the ultimate factor is how well the grips perform for you on the course. Cet objet peut être expédié vers : États-Unis, mais le vendeur n'a pas indiqué d'options d'expédition. 4.6%. Important Information Walk-up seating. P&P: + £33.26 P&P . I’ve thinking about re-gripping with the plus 4 but my concern is my hand size. Love the thickness and the feel. Still a pretty good grip though. 10.6900 $10.69 Color. I actually wish they would make the Plus 4 as the normal grip (without the build up) as I almost prefer the feeling over the original. Are you trying to ask how these grips will impact swing weight relative to other grips? I owe a big part to the “How to Break 80” article (had 1 penalty and zero 3-putts). The MCC Align (New Decade Multicompound) features a brushed-cotton cord grip under the top hand for better grip and a rubber material in the lower hand designed to enhance feel. Your email address will not be published. The following two tabs change content below. I have played MCC midsize for years. The Golf Pride MCC Plus 4 grip is indistinguishable from the classic New Decade Multi Compound, with the exception of the white outline around the Golf Pride logo. 82. I used to play them on all my clubs. Through tour input and testing, Golf Pride concluded that most players prefer a slightly larger grip with a less tapered transfer into the lower hand. Same old story, I went into Dick's to get balls and wound up leaving with new grips for my whole set due to a 20% off coupon. Will the larger lower hand hurt my release hand release since I do not fight a hook but do pull quite a bit from my swing flaw? They seem to be receiving lots of great feedback. Outgoing Feeder for Motor applications 1. The multi-compound design uses a different rubber compound on the upper, which is a Brushed Cotton Technology (BCT) cord that manages moisture and adds traction to prevent slippage. The MCC Plus4™ is a tour-proven, hybrid golf grip featuring a larger lower hand and new softer rubber material. That could result in the entire grip feeling larger...or not, depending on the individual. I love having choices, just like using an amber urethane ball. Through tour input and testing, Golf Pride concluded that most players prefer a slightly larger grip with a less tapered transfer into the lower hand. What is a good factor of determining if the grips you should get are standard as opposed to midsize? To the delight of club builders everywhere, they’ve released the Golf Pride MCC Plus 4 grip, a grip with a thicker lower half that eliminates the need for extra wraps of grip tape. The standard sized MCC Plus 4 is available in grey, red, and blue. I use them on every club except my putter. Main (gives motor power input) and Auxilliary Contactor (interlock and status purpose). Great article Matt, I’ve got the align version of these on my clubs now. I have tried the MCC+4 and I can feel a big difference. Have tried a Plus4 on a friends driver months ago and did not feel a difference. Golf Pride Tour Velvet 360 White Golf Grip. Question is would you also put on your woods? 63.3%. I’ve played Multi Compound grips for years, and I’ve always built up the lower half. Golf Pride ND Multi-Compound - Midsize - MCC Plus4-GREY + $10.99. MCC + 4. Haven't registered for Team Titleist yet? 2. At least for this year, the midsize grip is available only in grey. Golf pride grips MCC vs Mcc+4. The outside diameter of the MCC Plus4 is 4.6% larger than that of the standard model, and it’s made with a new rubber compound in the lower section that’s softer than the original. Halo 4 MCC vs. Halo 5 (Graphics) WARNING: This post is going to come off as nitpicky and possibly have hints of entitlement, but I'm not doing it to rip on 343i or Halo 5, because I love Halo 5 for what it is and respect 343i's work. £158.68. EQUIPMENT. Starting at. That’s the difference in the size of the lower hand. I agree these are pretty nice grips; however I actually like the normal NDMC grips on my irons better. Whether this is simply a preference or a necessary defense against hooking the ball, it’s a trend that you can also see among better amateur players. but prefer the original grips on my full swings. With a raised channel along the bottom of a tour-proven grip, the Golf Pride MCC Plus4 ALIGN gives players a reference ridge to aid repeatable, consistent hand position.. Introduction.