About us

Our founder – JSC REKIN

  • Founded in 1992.
  • Rekin chemists, biochemists, ecologists engage in development and manufacture of hygienic and preventive cosmetics-cosmeceuticals.  
  • A unique product line, which combines care products for legs, arms, body, face, hair was created for skin care: hygiene, prevention and beauty.
  • Newest compositions were acknowledged as inventions and patented.
  •  7 products were recognized as best products of the year and were awarded gold medals and diplomas. 11 products have been certified as medical means.
  • Herbal balm collection was awarded European Academy of Natural Sciences gold medal and the company for the creation was awarded Nobel Prize winner’s Dr. P. Ehrlich diploma.



  • Founded in 2009.
  • Main founder – company REKIN – since 1992 specializes in creation of medical purpose cosmetic and veterinary products.
  • Goal of the company – the use of innovations in cosmeceutic industry creating innovative products in niche markets. Recipes are developed in collaboration with scientists from different fields of sciences and through many years of experience of one of our founders’ JSC Rekin in developing curative cosmetics. To implement these objectives the company received INOGEB support this year.

JSC Rekin International key principles of cosmeceutic manufacturing:

  • Not sacrifice consumer health for a better brand impression (more beautiful colour, stronger aroma, more pleasant consistence, dab, slide, etc.).
  • Maximum withdrawal of synthetic compounds which do not have analogues in nature.
  • To carry out research in order to replace synthetic ingredients with natural.
  • Do not tolerate products which have gratuitously long-term expiry date (i.e. not overload a product with biocidal preservatives).
  • In order to avoid allergies, minimize the number of ingredients keeping the same product quality.

Us and innovations

antiOffice is a completely new quality cosmetics line satisfying the needs of modern man living and working in the changed ecological environment. Unique product compositions are recognized as invention and patented. This is the result of 15 years of intensive research, explorations and discoveries.


antiOffice -against violence at your office - “cosmeceutical“ product line for softening the impact of electromagnetic radiation, free radical and oxidative shock on the skin, which increasingly affect people working in modern offices.