1.      Why your cosmetics line is called “antiOffice”?


Answer:  Quite a lot of people are spending a lot of their time in bureaus and offices, where there are many working office devices which generate electromagnetic fields Because of the synthetic finishing materials and furniture – electrostatic fields tend to appear in offices. Those electrostatic fields have a negative impact on a human body and especially, on its biggest organ – it’s skin. Also, the skin suffers damage from warm and dry air flows, generated by heating devices and conditioners. That’s why our cosmetics line is designed to soften the abovementioned environment impact on your skin and is called “antiOffice” (its aim is to protect your skin against hostile office environment).



2.      I work in an environment which is free of electromagnetic fields; could antiOffice products be useful for my skin?


Answer: “antiOffice” products can be used as daily skin care cosmetics. But if free radicals don’t appear in your environment (they can emerge from the sunlight, tobacco smoke or air pollution) – you can choose daily skin care cosmetics with effects which best fit the needs of your skin. “antiOffice” accented effects are – anti-oxidation and moistening.


3.      I work in a factory; do I need “antiOffice” cosmetics?


Answer:  Look for answer #3.


4.      Will the usage of  “antiOffice” cosmetics worsen the quality of mobile network reception around me?


Answer:  “antiOffice” cosmetic products differ from other cosmetic lines by having a stronger moisturizing and anti-oxidation effect, because of that it won’t emit electrical or radiation fields, which could in any way affect mobile communications, to the environment. The anti-oxidation effect neutralizes only the free radicals, which are provoked by the abovementioned fields. However, the free radicals neither hinder, nor help the work of electromagnetic fields and radio connections, and therefore have no effect on the mobile network reception.


        Questions about electromagnetic fields


5.      What are electromagnetic fields?


Answer: This is a special form of matter that exists in reality, regardless of our knowledge of it. Electromagnetic fields require sources for their spread. An example of such a source may be an a/c power circuit. After the electric charge has moved, the electric field near it changes too. A variable electric field creates a variable magnetic field, which in its turn creates a variable electric field and so on.


6.      How the electromagnetic fields can damage my skin?


   Answer: Electromagnetic fields provoke the emergence of free radicals. Free radicals are unstable, highly active molecules that occur because of the body processes and external influence. Free radicals that are produced during chemical reactions in our body are not a threat, as long as their quantity does not exceed the critical limit. External factors that may be the cause of free radicals emergence include: tobacco smoke, air pollution, pesticides, nitrates, electromagnetic radiation and solar radiation. Free radicals are incomplete molecules, which don’t have a full set of electrons. They seek to withdraw electrons from other molecules in the body in order to become stable. When a free radical faces a molecule of our body (in our case – skin), it turns it to a free radical and causes a chain reaction of free radical formation.  This is the main cause of cell degradation, premature aging and various illnesses.


7.      How the antiOffice product line will protect me from the impact of the electromagnetic fields.


   Answer: Cosmetics, depleting effects of free radicals on the skin, must contain anti-oxidation substances and strong moisturizers. The anti-oxidation activity results of the presented cream compositions can be explained by the result of "team game": when one antioxidant loses its electron, other complex (team) members come to aid him by restoring his anti-oxidation properties. A unique antioxidant complex, composed of four powerful antioxidants and a “support group”, brings a strong and long-term effect. While creating “antiOffice” product recipes, a lot of different moisturizing ingredient types and concentrations were tested. A deep and long-term moisturizing effect has been achieved by composing different moisturizers. Natural oils which form occlusive membranes and large-molecule moisturizers, which keep the concentration of skin moisture on the surface, were chosen. Mineral salts were excluded, so that they could not extract moisture from the deeper skin layers in dry environment. It is taken in account, that the occlusive materials in the protective barrier wear off during a working day (8-9 hours) while supporting your face with your arms or cleaning the nose or mouth area with a napkin, therefore we had to add deep-effect moisturizers, the most effective and beneficial to the skin of which is urea.


8.      Where can I look for research on electromagnetic wave effects on human health?


   Answer: Google. In the search box, type "electromagnetic fields", "biological effects" or "electromagnetic radiation and protection from it."


9.  Do antiOffice cosmetics protect against the impact of microwave ovens?


   Answer: Yes, as from the impact of every device, creating electromagnetic fields. However, no one spends as much time near the microwave oven, as he spends near the computer or the printer…


About antiOffice  facial cosmetics



10.  Can antiOffice facial creams and milk be used instead of my everyday cosmetics?


Answer: Yes. You can use them just as you use your average skin-care cosmetics.


11.  Can the frequent use of antiOffice creams harm my skin?


Answer: No. Because the antioxidants impact only the free radicals and do not work in other directions and the moisturizing effect is useful for your skin.


12.  Why the anti-oxidation effect of antiOffice products is so strong?


Answer: While developing cosmetics, that can protect your skin from the harmful effects of the free radicals, different anti-oxidation ingredients were assessed: both natural and synthetic compounds, appearing in the cosmetics databases. The tests showed that the antioxidant efficiency of the preparation is determined not only by the abovementioned ingredient involvement or concentration in the formula, but also, by the “command”, which is given to them, while creating the preparation. The point is that the antioxidant looses hydrogen, and thus the properties of the reducing agent, while neutralizing the free radicals. To stay in order, the antioxidant needs a “support group”, which helps it to return its antioxidant properties. There’s a need to include a whole composition of such helpers, which help the main antioxidant to rebuild its anti-oxidation properties. However, none of the artificial complexes are as strong and perfectly composed as plant polyphenols and bioflavonoids, which support and rebuild each other. After the study of intricate mechanisms of action between antioxidants, the interest in synthetic and chemically pure antioxidants decreased.


13.  Are there a lot of preservatives in antiOffice products?


Answer: "AntiOffice" products contain a group of preservatives, which ensure the stability of the cosmetic properties of two years. Since the cosmetic composition is a potent antioxidant complex, it also plays a role as a fatty ingredients preservative, because of that there is a possibility to exclude a part of normally used antioxidant-preservatives. Because the expiry term of our products is two years, they have a much smaller amount of preservatives.


14.  My skin is very sensitive. Will the antiOffice cosmetics irritate my skin?


Answer: Sensitive skin can be irritated by completely unexpected and not classic allergens, so every person suffering allergies, must carefully try-out new products. There are hypoallergenic cosmetics. They differ from usual cosmetics by a smaller amount of aggressive substances which are considered as allergens. Hypoallergenic cosmetic ingredient list does not contain coloring or fragrance substances, usually used preservatives must be replaced with softer ones, which significantly reduce the cosmetic term of use. Therefore it is unjust and unreasonable to fully ensure that the cosmetic product will not cause allergic reaction. Each of us has a different organism which can differently react to one or another substance. Because of that, you can choose your skin-care only by testing it.



On the antiOffice hand gel


15.  What is your advice on how often should I apply the antiOffice hand gel?


Answer: The hand gel retains its bactericidal and moisturizing properties for 5-6 hours.


16.  The antiOffice hand gel is absorbed slowly, is it normal?


Answer: The gel absorption depends on the age and dryness of the skin. It is better absorbed by the dry skin, but it usually takes about 30 seconds for the wetness and viscosity feelings to disappear. This period can extend to 1 minute for young, elastic and relatively moisture skin.


17.  You say that antiOffice hand gel – is a long-lasting product. What quantity of product is advisable to use for one lubrication?


Answer: 1 portion from the airless distributor is usually enough, however, it also depends on the dryness of the skin. Old or very dey skin can soak a double amount of gel.


On the antiOffice  buckthorn balm



18.  What is the purpose of the buckthorn balm?


Answer: The buckthorn balm is designed for seriously irritated, burnt and scaling skin treatment. In addition to buckthorn-oil, it also contains therapeutic rosemary oil, Siberian cedar balm,  A and E vitamins, which contain active substances which help the skin to recover quickly.


19.  Can the buckthorn balm be applied to open wounds?


Answer: Only pharmacological preparations may be applied to open wounds, so we don’t recommend our cosmetic product for that purpose. However, we suggest to use it for skin crack treatment. We also recommend to use it to revitalize your skin after the plaster bandage removal, because the skin is dehydrated, scaly and thinner after being covered by a plaster bandage. Following this procedure, massage will usually be assigned, which, because of poor skin condition, is very uncomfortable. Therefore, we recommend revitalizing your skin by the buckthorn balm.


20.  Can I use the buckthorn balm in places, where there are no electromagnetic fields (at the sea, in the forest or the mountains)?


Answer: Although there are no electromagnetic fields at the seashore or in the mountains, the sun rays, which are potent free radical generators, still remain. In addition, buckthorn balm is characterized not only by the skin protective properties (see more details in Google, by typing the words "buckthorn”, “Siberian cedar”, “rosemary”, “macadamia”, “grape seed oil”, etc. in the search text box).




21.  What makes your cosmetics different from the products of other manufactorers?


Answer: In principle, nothing, only by the purpose… Ingredients listed in the International Cosmetic Ingredient list are used, the technology is the same as everywhere else, and it’s the same for all cosmetics producers, from small companies – to business giants. Let us ask, how is Christmas cake different from white bread? And home-made bread from pita-bread? All of these products are bread-cake products made from flour, water and various additives. All of them are baked with the corresponding temperature. Only their purpose differs, so the products are also different. The most important thing is the flour type – the basis of the product, as well as the additives: to one product we add milk, to the other – eggs, to the third – yeast, and so on. The same thing happens in cosmetics: the principles of production are the same, but the quality of the basis, additional ingredients, their balance and capability to work together or even to strengthen the desirable effect – give the final product different qualities. We all know, that even the confectionary which has the same label – may taste different. It means that the baker’s know-how must matter …


 22.  According to what formulas, is the antiOffice line developed?


Answer: In 1991, when we started the first cosmetic composition of our company – a hygienic lipstick, we used an ancient recipe as the basis. The recipe contained directions on natural wax and fat usage in the production. For 20 years of out scientific-productive activities, we constantly studied traditional recipes and cosmetic news with unrealistic promises. We were often disappointed after we tested exotic cosmetic additives. The most of the “magical” additives originating from Amazonian jungle and Celebes sub-tropics proved to be used not because of their effectiveness but because of their appealing legend. By adjusting and combining recipes, by studying the experience of the cosmetic companies who own serious scientific laboratories, we concluded that the most reliable active ingredients are those, which performance has been demonstrated long ago and confirmed by long-standing practice. We develop our recipes by following such tested schemes. We consult with pharmacists and dermatologists in order o avoid side effects and to achieve better effects, which we aim to achieve.


23.  Why are your cosmetics not very well-known?


Answer: The main part of the cosmetic product price is the advertising cost. If we would follow this marketing rule, our products would be unaffordable to the mid-section of the society. Contrary to the established trade rules we don’t spend 70% of product price for advertising, and try to choose such forms of sales, where television advertising, color magazine advertising or roadside advertising billboards are not needed. The money we save in the advertising industry, lets us avoid saving on the ingredients and specialists.


24.  Where do you buy raw materials, which are used for your cosmetics?


Answer: All the cosmetic manufacturers have nearly the same suppliers. There are a couple of dozens of European companies that sell ingredients for cosmetic products. Sometimes, such companies offer cosmetic and pharmaceutical ingredients, in some cases - cosmetic and food ingredient mixtures. There are raw material suppliers in the United States, Canada, Japan, the lately -  in China. We buy most of the raw materials used in the “antiOffice” compositions in Germany. This allows us to save on transportation and not to worry about the quality of the raw materials.


25.  You present your cosmetics as protective products. Does this mean we should use separate products for skin care?


Answer: Each label contains the statement that a cosmetic product "antiOffice” replaces the usual cosmetics. What does this mean? Skin care cosmetics are first and foremost - a good cosmetic product base. It is 90% of the creams weight. Cosmetic products base in cosmetic products - protects the skin from environmental stress, nourishes, moisturizes, and restores the hydrolipidic skin robe. Active ingredients – vitamins, plant extracts are placed as raisins or cinnamon in the cake batter. However, if the cake batter is prepared, as we prepare dough for dumplings, no additives will improve the performance. Our cream base is designed for skin care. The active complexes, included in the recipe, determine the specific cream characteristics – moisturizing and antioxidant.


26.  Do you have concrete evidence of the declared cosmetics effectiveness?


Answer: First performance studies were carried out during the development of cosmetics formula. During the laboratory studies we have found antioxidant and moisturizing effects of some of the ingredients. Later, synergy and compatibility tests of the individual ingredients were carried out. When we’ve managed to select “team players”, we have studied the laboratory cream samples and compared them to other existing products on the market. All of the test results can be found on our website www.antioffice.eu Some of the companies, while declaring the special effects of their cosmetics write: “Tested on 40 volunteer. According to their feedback, the effect is very good”. We also do not ignore the consumer opinion. Our first, experimental lot of products was distributed to large-staff companies with questionnaires attached to it. The questionnaires were filled by more than 2000 people; the assessment is positive. Still, we prefer certified laboratory conclusions as a basis of declaring the effectiveness of our products. Each products label contains our email address, so we get a lot of opinions and feedback on the products, from our customers. Skin retention effect is generally assessed by the people who already suffered some of the “unhealthy building syndrome” symptoms. The pleasant effect of the cream is also felt by those who use the cream as a traditional cosmetics product.


27.  Can you combine your cosmetics product with products of other manufacturers?


Answer: We know that often (especially in beauty salons), customers are threatened by “incompatibility” of different brands of products. If you have already bought the face cream, you should buy the under-eye cream, milk, tonic, lotion of the same brand, or it would be even better that the shower-gel, shampoo and foot cream should be of the same brand etc. The same goes for fashion business: if you have bought jeans of one brand, it means that only the same brand shirts, belt, jacket will match etc. This is not a very honest marketing move. After all, we can dress well by combining clothes of different brands and feed not only in the McDonald’s. The same is true for cosmetics.


28.  Which cosmetics product is of the same quality as yours, which product can we compare to yours on terms of effectiveness?


Answer: As it was already said in the answer on the evidence of the effectiveness: we have conducted studies of different products which are present on our cosmetics market and are declared as having antioxidant effect. Evidence of out victories can be found on our websites. Another matter, is that none of these companies didn’t have such specific tasks as ours – maximum skin protection from free radicals created by the computer, monitor, printer, telephones and other devices which emit electromagnetic fields. Usually, the antioxidant effects are declared by manufacturers of the cosmetic products aimed against aging or protection against UV rays, air pollution, etc. The comparing of effectiveness must be described with the aim for the specific goal. For example – one man buys a dog to keep it as an adorable pet, the other – for home protection, third one – for hunting, the fourth – a dog that helps the blind. They are all equally good if they justify the expectations of their master.


29.  Which products of your line are the most popular?


Answer: Figures show that the most popular products on the cosmetic market are facial care products. The same goes for our line – facial and under-eye crèmes, milk are the most popular. To be continued!