Microwave oven

Microwave oven

MICROWAVE OVEN – electric device, used in household for fast food reheating, which operates on basis of internal microwaves. Magnetron connected to the usual current creates microwaves. Microwaves get through the food but stops at the metal surface. If forces water, fat or sugar molecules oscillate in the food, thereby increasing their thermal energy. As a result the food reheats.  As the waves spread and reflect from the walls of the device the food is reheated eventually.


 The idea of microwave came to Percy Spencer, when he was testing radar equipment. Scientists already knew that magnetrons (generator microwave-frequency vibration electronic lamps are used in radio locative equipment) spread microwaves. But only P. Spencer came to this idea, that microwaves could be used for reheating food. How did it happen? Occasionally when he was passing an operating magnetron, the candy in his pocket started to melt. He got interested, and later he performed some experiments: next to the to the magnetron tube he put a corn seed, withdrew several steps back and watched how the corn pops and turns into popcorn. Next morning he and his colleague decided to perform the same experiment using egg instead, egg started to vibrate, and the temperature inside rose, due to inner pressure egg exploded by sprinkling hot yolk on their surprised faces. But suddenly P.Spencer cheered: melted caramel, popcorn, boiled egg – all this was a result of low density microwaves.

Thus, if an egg can boil so fast, can the result be the same with other food products? Experiments continued...  Dr. P. Spencer created a special opening box and inside of it, he installed a source of microwaves. Energy from the box could not come out, though creating high density electromagnetic field. If to put some food inside the temperature rose fast and in a result food was hot. P. Spencer understood technological value of this revolutionary product and created a huge industry of microwave ovens. Engineers helped P. Spencer to make this idea come true and adapt it to practical use. In year 1946 company Raytheon patented microwaves as suitable for preparing and reheating food products.  Microwave ovens were tested for food preparation in one of restaurants in Boston. In 1947 first microwaves were provided to mass production. First products were very big, expensive, weighing 340kg and cost 5000 dollars. In year 1952-1955 first models of microwaves were provided for home-use and priced 1295 dollars.  Cheaper products (500 dollars) were available in 1967, of 100W power, smaller and more secure for home-use.

Health effects

Microwave oven spread electromagnetic waves, result in harmful consumption, as affected the food becomes hazardously toxic and carcinogenic (Dr. Lita Lee tell this in her book “Health Effects of Microwave Radiation - Microwave Ovens).

Constantly consuming the food which is microwave reheated, mobile phone use may cause brain nerve impulse transmission disorder (brain tissue becomes depolarised, demagnetised) resulting in negative physiological effects, memory weakens or part of it becomes lost, emotional disorders, mental weakening process and sleep disorders.

Microwaves cause depolarization of nerve tissue. Human organism can not metabolise unknown products, resulting in food after the effect of microwave. *Burns.

Microwaves do not affect skin as fire for instance.  Changes are caused in the nervous system – under the skin. There is some evidence that after some short term exposure of radiation (5 sec.) result in neurological changes in the affected area. Many parents allow their children to use electric or gas stove. Yet it is not certainly safe, because not all hazards of the radiation are known.

Some results: meat treated with microwaves forms carcinogens inside meat; some amino acids become carcinogens when milk and some cereals are treated with microwaves; reheating frozen fruits, the compounds consisting of glucose and galactose also become carcinogenic; even if treating the fresh products, boiled or frozen vegetables with microwaves, the alkaloids become carcinogenic material; when microwave treat vegetables, especially root vegetables, forms free carcinogenic radicals; the product nutrition value drops 90-60 % after microwave procedure; reduction in bio-absorption of B group vitamins, vitamins C, E, food minerals; in meat products most of the proteins (nucleoproteins)  degrade;  Consumers of the micro waved  food have been monitored as changes the blood structure: changes in lymph, risk of cancer diseases rises; may  lead to digestive disorders;

Biological  effects causes of the microwave (100W/cm3/3sec) are divided into three categories: I category – cancer causing effects; II category – decrease in nutrition value; III category – biological effects of exposure;  I category radioactive particles sum up with the ones in the atmosphere, that is why alpha and beta particles increase in the food products;  creating cancer causing compounds with protein hydrolysis in milk, in cereals (protein in the water decompose to unnatural fragments);  changed nutrient  disorders the digestive system, processes of metabolism change; chemically changed nutrient  disturb the process in lymph  system, the immune system might weaken, therefore the neoplasia may  occur, abnormal growth of tissue, tumors;

Consuming the micro waved food, carcinogenic compounds may emerge in blood serum; In micro waved meat forms a Diethanolamine – a well known carcinogen; micro-waved milk and in some cereals some amino acids become carcinogenic isomers; reheating the frozen fruit, the glucose and galactose compounds also convert into carcinogenic substances; Even a short micro waving of fresh, boiled or frozen vegetables containing alkaloids are convert into carcinogenic substances. II Category. 1 reduce in food intake, especially B vitamin group, vitamins C, E, main minerals as well; 2. The product nutrition value drops 90-60 %  after microwave procedure; 3.  Change in metabolism and in intake process of alkaloids, glycoside, galactosides;

4. Reduce in nutrition value, ruining the meat proteins. 5 Changing the food product structure of various substances. III category. Changing the cell potential, especially in blood and lymph system; 2. Changing and destabilizing process of metabolism and energetic food potential in food utilization; 3.  The degeneration of nerve cell impulse transmission system proceeds.  4. Disorder in hormone production and balance support system. 5. Disordering impulse transmission in brain, appearance of negative physiological effects, memory becomes weaker, sleeping disorders, ability to concentrate, mental abilities weaken.