Mobile phone

Mobile phone

MOBILE PHONE – low power radio receiver, radio device, which transmits and receives information through electromagnetic waves.

Mobile phone is universal device of communication and information. It can not only accept calls, answer them, but also it can send short text messages (SMS, MMS), take photos, record video, record sound, listen to music, connect the mobile internet (WAP) and other internet web pages, use the service of internet banking system, watch TV,  or use the video call service.  Modern phones usually have all of these functions.

Cell phone itself operates with the help of the charged batteries (it most cases – lithium-ion battery), but the possibility to use other functions like call or WAP service are available in the special mobile range zone. Also it requires a mobile SIM card, without it you can get through emergency services only.


Martin Cooper, the mobile phone inventor, using the portative mobile phone (Year 1973).

In Year 1945. The mobile radio telephones were presented (“zero generation” 0G), and now officially are not classified as mobile phones.

In 1979. the first commercial mobile communication has been provided in Japan.

In 1983.  the first portative mobile phone has been released „Motorola DynaTAC 8000X“. It became “first generation” (1G) mobile phone pioneer using (1G) analog radio signals.

In 10th decade mobile phones of “second generation” (2G) appeared.  The networks providing the communication started to use digital radio signals.

In 1999 (in Europe – 2003) “third generation” (3G) mobile phones have been presented and started being produced.

Health effects

At a time when you talk on the phone it is surrounded by a sufficiently strong magnetic field. When the mobile phone is in standby mode, it is also surrounded by a electromagnetic field, which is less than it is on and operating, but still it exists. This sort of radiation is unfavorable to the human body.

Some doctors think that the mobile phone radiation is especially harmful to children. After some performed researches it has been found that these waves increase the risk brain cancer. In the popular magazines nowadays people can find many articles related to this topic. For example, according to British doctors, the risk of tumor increases by 39%, if the mobile phone is used extensively for more than 10 years.

NOTE:  If we can reduce the impact of other devices, by simply moving away from them, in case of mobile this cannot be applied.