Suitable for SA-3, SA-21/2 and SA-2. Copper Slag that we offer also serves as a binding during concrete construction. Each year, some 300,000 tonnes are used for abrasive blasting at shipyards, during which the copper slag grit breaks into smaller particles that are contaminated or mixed with rust and paint. Raw mix, RM-3 yielded good clinker with the moduli values almost as per the design at 1400°C with a retention time of 20 minutes. Brindha, D and Nagan, S. " Utilization of copper slag as a partial The results of performance of OPC (Table 7) from these clinkers indicate that both OPC samples conformed to all the requirements of IS:12269-1987 for 53 grade OPC. ByungSik Chun, Du Hee Park, and Hun Chul Jung. Transportation Research Record 941 Geotechnical Properties of a Copper Slag BRAJA M. DAS, ANTHONY J. TAROUIN, AND ANDREW D. JONES* The çotechnical properties of a copper slag are presented.The slag, produced at the Amer¡can Smelt¡ng and Refining Company (ASAROOI plant in El Paso, Texas, is a by-product of refining copper ore in oil-fi¡ed reverberatory fur. Concrete mixtures containing different levels of silica fume were prepared with water to cementitious materials ratios of 0.40, 0.35, and 0.30. These results indicate that both limestones can be considered suitable for the manufacture of OPC. Based on these investigations the fineness of grinding of 350m2/kg Blaine is considered optimum. [5]. 5. Positive Envirosys. Abrasive Cadmium ranging from 3.2 to 41 μg L−1 or zinc ranging from 21 to 275 μg L−1 was not lethal, but induced adverse behavioral changes including a loss of equilibrium. Braja Sundar Tools. Table 9: Performance of slag cements prepared by using 35% copper slag at different fineness. 3. Contact Seller Ask for best deal. Fish maintained consistent and prolonged contact with sediments and did not avoid contaminated sediments when provided a choice between contaminated and uncontaminated sediments. Riding on unfathomable volumes of industrial expertise, we are engaged in supplying an excellent quality assortment of Copper Slag. Copper slag is an abrasive blasting grit made of granulated slag from metal smelting process ( also call iron silicate). Copper Slag blasting media/grit- is manufactured of the granulated slag of copper refineries, and used for blast-cleaning of … Sciences and Engineering, Vol.3, No.4, pp: 579-585. The blend conforms to all the requirements, physical and chemical laid down in Indian Standard Specification for Portland slag cement, IS:455-1989. Chockalingam, M., Jayagnesh, D., Vijayaraghavan, J. and Jegan, General Information. APPLICATION OF COPPER SLAG AS A SAND COMPACTION PILE; USED IN LOW COST BITUMOUS ROADS; LIST OF APPLICATIONS; GEOTECHNICAL PROPERTIES; COEFFICIENT OF PERMIABILITY; COMPRESSIVE STRENGTH; MAXIMUM DRY DENSITY & OPTIMUM MOISTURE CONTENT; SWELLING INDEX; PLASTIC LIMIT; LIQUID LIMIT; DEGREE OF SHRINKAGE; INTERNAL ANGLE OF FRICTION; … Using copper slag as a blending material for the manufacture of PSC. Toxicity of smelter slag-contaminated sediments from Upper Lake Roosevelt and associated metals to e... V.—Note, on Artificial Crystals of “Specular Iron” Formed in a Copper Works Slag, The extractive metallurgy of copper at Iron Age Madikwe, Test study and production practice of copper cyanidation slag flotation, Development of the Process of Manufacturing Pig Iron for Cast Iron from Copper Slag, Volume: Volume 10, Number 83 (2015) Special Issues. The copper slag was reduced by carbothermic reaction at 1300°C for 2 hours using electric furnace. Riding on unfathomable volumes of industrial expertise, we are engaged in supplying an excellent quality assortment of Copper Slag. As per IS:383-1970, the Fineness modulus of a given sample of fine … It is observed that the amount of leaching increases with increase in time and become constant after a period of time. Materials and Methods 61.16 Low calcium fly ash (ASTM class F) collected from Mettur Thermal … Raw mix RM-3 was selected for the obvious reason of utilising copper slag 2.5% and requiring only 1.25% of bauxite. 3). Experimental Study on the Flexural Behaviour of Reinforced Concrete Beams as Replacement of Copper Slag as Fine Aggregate Utilization of copper slag as a partial replacement of fine aggregate Durability studies on copper slag admixed concrete. Manufacturer's Name PT. Copper Slag . Copper slag is a by-product of copper extraction by smelting. Currently, copper slag has been widely used for abrasive tools, roofing granules, cutting tools, abrasive, tiles, glass, road-base construction, railroad ballast, asphalt pavements, cement and concrete industries. 2) and are capable of yielding quality clinkers when test fired at 1450°C with retention time of 20 minutes. Copper slag can possesses the physical, chemical and mechanical properties that can be used in concrete as a partial replacement for fine aggregate [1]. Copper Slag is an abrasive frequently used in new steel and steel maintenance applications. slag admixed concrete ", Asian Journal of Civil Engineering (Building Mineral compositions of granulated blast furnace and copper slags were determined by X-ray diffraction analysis and the results indicated the presence of mainly amorphous material in both the slag samples. 49, pp. SiO2 and CaO contents were found to be 21.54 and 63.45%. When this slag is cooled, it vitrifies into a glassy, abrasive material, which is then crushed to produce blast media. The performance characteristics of control OPC and PSC blends were determined and are presented in Table 8 and results of the effect of fineness on performance of PSC are presented in Table 9. However, it also has been clear that the concrete with copper slag has some problems. However, most of the copper slag is stacked high as waste since the production exceeds demand. Copper Slag. Leachates yielded a maximum aqueous copper, Since my last communication on Artificial crystals (Min. Other means of identification : Fayalita (Complex silicates and oxides of Fe, Si, Ca, Al); Copper slag 1.2. The experimental investigation showed that percentage replacement of sand by copper slag shall be upto 40%. The results are presented in Table 5 and Figure 2. Sustainability and resource efficiency are becoming increasing important issues within today's construction industry. White Sturgeon also failed to avoid aqueous copper (1.5–20 μg L−1). It is observed that the leaching of elements is well within permissible levels over a period of 150 days. While designing the raw mixes, efforts were made to keep the level of utilisation of copper slag to the maximum possible extent. It is also used as a building material , filter material etc . :: Shiny or dull, dark brown to black, irregular particles. Copper (II) sulfate forms a blue crystalline penta hydrate, the most familiar copper compound in the laboratory. Currently copper slags are mainly recycled for recovery of metals, 50 although slags with reduced copper contents (less than 0.8 wt.% Cu) are either discarded as waste or sold as products with properties similar to those of natural basalt (crystalline) or obsidian (amorphous). Sterlite Industries (India) Ltd., Tuticorin, India produces 400,000t/year of copper. Observation and analysis: Chemical analysis results (Table 1) indicate that high grade limestone (LS-HG) and average grade limestone contain 49.60% and 45.00% of CaO respectively, 3.31% and 12.57% of SiO2 and 3.25% and 1.98% of MgO. Slag that is quenched in water produces angular granules which are disposed of as waste or utilized as discussed below.