Threat sources

Cosmetic product line Anti-Office is intended for protection of face, neck, décolletage, hand skin against SICK BUILDING SYNDROME (SBS).

This is medical-ecological problem caused by continuously operating electric devices arranged very close to each other, room ventilation and heating system installation work, construction materials and materials used in furniture and decoration.


Computer monitor

COMPUTER MONITOR – CRT (Cathode Ray Tube) monitors – is monitor type, in which phosphorescent screen is created by electron bunch (electrons formerly known as cathode ray). This monitor consists of a large vacuum bulb, in the end of which is a source of electron (current-heated filament). Electric and magnetic field created in the bulb speed up and focus to the fiber, which rapidly “runs” in the other side of the bulb of the screen surface.

Mobile phone

MOBILE PHONE - Mobile phone is universal device of communication and information. It can not only accept calls, answer them, but also it can send short text messages (SMS, MMS), take photos, record video, record sound, listen to music, connect the mobile internet (WAP) and other internet web pages, use the service of internet banking system, watch TV,  or use the video call service.  Modern phones usually have all of these functions.

Air conditioner

AIR CONDITIONER – Modern air conditioning device is based on the heat pump, similar to domestic refrigerator. In the normal mode conditioner cools the inflow air by transferring the warm one outside. Some air conditioners are multifunctional and reverse the above mentioned process, and then warm is being transferred in the opposite direction.


PRINTER is a computer device is a device that prints computer information on a paper. Many printers are used as output device of the computer. Printers can be of various kinds, differing by its printing quality, speed, used resources, ease of use and so on.

Copy machine

COPY MACHINE  – a device, which is used to copy the image and reproduce. The lens inside the copy machine focuses the original (document, book, etc.) image on the electrified metal cylinder.  In places where the image is dark, a static electrified field remains, which attracts the electrified powder from the special cartridges.
The received image is captured on the paper rotating cylinder. Modern copying machine uses additional devices: grouping, sorting, folding, stapling, leaflet production and paper supply drawers. Most commonly used size for copying a6 to a3.

Microwave oven

MICROWAVE OVEN – electric device, used in household for fast food reheating, which operates on basis of internal microwaves. Magnetron connected to the usual current creates microwaves. Microwaves get through the food but stops at the metal surface. If forces water, fat or sugar molecules oscillate in the food, thereby increasing their thermal energy. As a result the food reheats.  As the waves spread and reflect from the walls of the device the food is reheated eventually.

Other threat substances


Biological pollutants – microscopic fungi, mites, protozoa, bacteria and their vital activity products.

Volatile organic compounds – used in construction works. There can be tenths times more substances such as formaldehyde, pesticides, organic solvents, benzene in rooms than outside. They can be found in rubber products, adhesives, decoration materials, artificial carpeting, linoleum, plastics, etc. New synthetic materials that can be added to this group appear.